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OEM Product Serial Number Validation

As part of our quality assurance and to avoid any misrepresentation by those reselling our products, we have implemented a policy of recording and validating serial numbers prior to selling spare parts for our OEM products. This policy is effective September 1, 2023, and includes products and services for all our brands.

In the past, it has been problematic selling spare parts and troubleshooting machine tools without the serial number and validation in our engineering archives. Our serial number logs are nearly 50 years old for Power-Grip products, over 75 years old for Magna-Lock and MagnaLift products and over 100 years old for Arter Precision Grinding Machines. Those serial numbers provide us with direct engineering documentation and support for that item including spare parts references.

For Magna-Lock USA workholding, if you are not able to identify the serial number of your product such as a chuck, it is possible that the machinery manufacturer may have recorded the serial number when the equipment was first sold. They should be able to supply you with the number if you contact them direct.

For Arter Precision Grinding Machines, the serial number was placed in several areas on the machine including the nameplate. Those places vary by model. For assistance with finding the serial number on your Arter grinder click here or contact us directly.

For our MagnaLift and Power-Grip lifting magnets, please see our resources page on the lift magnet website for further information regarding the many generations of these products and continually changing safety standards.

For items that we have serviced in the past where a serial number could not be found, for warranty purposes we stamped the product with a reference number noting in our files. Using that reference number would be acceptable for spare part purchases.

Emailing us a photo of the nameplate on the product, if available, or stamped serial number is beneficial but not required. Once you provide the serial number and photos, they will be recorded in our records and the serial number will be included on your invoice for your reference.

We replace nameplates when servicing our products but due to product liability insurance reasons, we are not able to ship replacement nameplates for our products.

old nameplates Magna-Lock MagnaLift Power-Grip
Collection of Replaced Nameplates

If providing a serial number is not possible, spare part purchases for that product may not be returnable or include any warranty. If you are having difficulty finding the serial number please contact our sales team for further assistance.

Moving forward, it is our goal to begin better branding our spare parts so you will have reassurance that you are getting genuine OEM spare parts for our products.

Arter Magna-Lock MagnaLift Power-Grip ObsidianMfg

Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is a Rockford, Ill. manufacturing company and is the OEM for Magna-Lock USA workholding, MagnaLift & Power-Grip lift magnets, and Arter Precision Grinding Machines as well providing surface grinding services. They are located at 5015 28th Ave. in Rockford, Ill. with a phone number of 815-962-8700. Check out more at


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