We offer the finest quality surface grinding at competitive pricing.  Our operators have over 70+ years of combined grinding experience with our machines.  They understand that quick turn-around times are crucial to our customers.  Their skilled grinding craftsmanship provide excellent quality finishes.  For special applications, our operators will work one on one with customers to meet their specific needs. We have an engineering team onsite to assist with any questions or special requests. Grinding consultation is available, just give us a call.

What our customers are saying...

"These guys are great! I checked 8 places including automotive machine shops and no one could check and Blanchard grind my Lakewood bellhousing scattershield. Obsidian did it for me and they said they have done many through the years! Highly recommend this friendly and competent place" - Kurt, car enthusiast

"I am very happy with turn around and quality of work." - anonymous customer service survey participant

Of those surveyed, 99% responded that they were very to extremely satisfied with Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.

"So glad to hear that you saved Stieg from near extinction. They've been a very reliable source of grinding for many, many years. Although we don't often have grinding needs, we will be certain to contact you when we do." - returning Stieg Grinding Corporation customer

Machines and Capacities

Mattison Precision Horizontal 12" x 48"

Mattison Precision Horizontal 42" x 115" x 31" High

Mattison Rotary 84" x 48" High - Swings 125", Reach Center 114"/115"

Mattison Rotary 54" x 24" High - Swings 64", Reach Center 63”

Arter Grinder - Model and Size Vary Based on Current Rebuilds

We grind:

Machine Bases

Robotic Bases

Blade Sharpening 

Flat Ways

Vee Ways

Angle Ways

Dovetail Slides


Steel Plate 

Castings - all kinds

Steel Frames

Mill Tables 

Gears (flat sides)

Bolts (heads & ends)

Motor Heads

Castings from 1 lb.

      to 16,000 lbs. 

Shear Blades

Bell Housings

Engine Blocks

Exhaust Manifolds

Lathe Beds

and so much more!



Stainless Steel


Special Alloys