Top 10 Reasons Why You'd Love Working with ObsidianMfg

We are a family owned business.

The management at ObsidianMfg shares common values and continued dedication to the business and the manufacturing industry. The cohesion and interaction within our organization mirrors the family commitment.

Teamwork is our philosophy

While each individual is held to their own level of responsibility for their duties at ObsidianMfg, we advocate for the team approach.  Communication, efficiency, and support are consistently supported by management to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship in our products and services.

We innovate within our walls

ObsidianMfg promotes, encourages, and provides opportunities to make the best better. Continuing education is a necessity for our industry and we provide as much opportunity for growth that our employees are willing to grasp.

Everyone at ObsidianMfg has a voice

There is no question too immaterial, no detail too small to mention. Many of our biggest obstacles have been conquered when we pull together, share our ideas and forge ahead together.

Because we are a small business, we can be flexible

The flexibility of being a small business gives everyone that works at ObsidianMfg options while still holding them accountable. 

We practice transparency within our organization with "The Daily" 

Every day we hold a company inclusive stand up meeting on our shop floor to share our achievements, our setbacks and our goals for the next 24 hours.

We cross train our employees

Our employees learn each and every aspect of working at ObsidianMfg within their department. We set our employees up for success from there, letting them work with their strengths while improving their weaknesses.

Healthcare, Dental, Vision and Lift Insurance Benefits

These employee perks were at one time a given in our society.  With healthcare costs skyrocketing, we pride ourselves in providing a superior quality healthcare plan with additional options of adding dental and vision.  

We provide ample paid time off to refresh our full-time employees.

Our paid holiday schedule includes 10 days throughout the calendar.  Additionally, employees begin earning their vacation time off upon completion of their first month of employment.  Our paid time off includes premium calendar day bonuses and additional vacation days earned upon completion of specified employment anniversaries.  

We promote from within  

We hire with the ideas of growth and long-term employment in mind. When an opening presents itself, we look within our own company prior to seeking new employees.

C u r r e n t   J o b   O p e n i n g s

Inventory Specialist

We are looking for an inventory specialist who will bring unwavering professionalism and meticulous accuracy to the position, and who have exceptional math and observation skills. An inventory specialist can expect to work closely with management, oversee multiple areas, develop, and improve existing procedures and policies, prevent losses, and occasionally do some heavy lifting. Their other responsibilities include maintaining storage facilities, ensuring the accuracy of inventory records, compiling balance, price, and cost reports, and doing weekly counts.

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