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Obsidian Manufacturing Made in USA Gift Guide 2021

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Struggling to find the perfect gift is something we all deal with, especially with kids. Finding something to entertain for hours while still teaching the valuable lessons as they develop is important and yet so hard to obtain in a gift.

Then, adding other factors such as where the product is made, what company it comes from, and reviews of the products can all factor in, complicating the process even more. And if you’re anything like us, we tend to support our fellow USA companies in finding that perfect gift.

Well, we’ve got you covered this holiday season with our annual Obsidian Manufacturing Made in USA Gift Guide 2021. We curated this list to help ease the pain of the endless amounts of surfing the web to shop while helping the kid receiving the gift develop skills and critical thinking.

Now to get in the shopping spirit, here's a Christmas classic.


Less expensive

Edible Chemistry Kit - $19.95

Combining chemistry and food, what could go wrong? This set is a fun way to get kids involved with the power of chemistry while giving them snacks as well.

Dragons Den Miniature World - $15.95

A terrarium perfect for the dragon lovers out there, this is a high-quality terrarium for a small price. This specific version grows dark plants that match the dragon theme and even adds in red lava rocks to add to the feel.


Mid-range pricing

Tubes & Connectors 422 pc - $46.95

A kid could make just about anything with the 422 tubes and connectors that come in this kit. There are three different lengths to add to the versatility of the kit at 4 in., 8 in., and 12 in. while also having six different connectors.

Channel Craft - various pricing

Outdoor games and toys, classic toys such as marbles, and jigsaw puzzles are just some of the products that Channel Craft produces. With everything trending towards kids playing with toys in front of screens and staying inside, most of their outdoor gifts are perfect.

Lincoln Logs - various prices

Bring out the inner engineer and architect with Lincoln Logs. The main kits include plans to build a farm, train, and on the trail with options to upgrade the kit size.


More expensive

Make-a-Fort - various prices

Forts have always been a staple of childhood. Making a fort provides kids with a fun way to design and build their own mini building and play inside of it. Make-a-Fort makes it easier to build a fort with their product, with sizes ranging all the way up to 10' x 10'.

Greenleaf Doll Houses - various prices

Doll houses are always fun to play pretend for many young kids. Greenleaf provides houses that could add up to a village with accurate details that make the houses look real.


This guide is a good way to get children the toys they want while also satisfying the Made in USA criteria as well. All of these toys also give children a chance to tinker with STEM/STEAM concepts that they could turn into a future career or hobby. Have a happy holiday season and happy shopping!

Obsidian Manufacturing does not get paid for any products in this blog.

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