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Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. Acquires Historical Brand


Rockford, IL–– (November 28, 2018) Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of the historical brand, Arter Precision Grinding Machine, in April 2018.


Arter Precision Grinding Machines was launched over a century ago by William Arter during World War I, just as the automobile industry was beginning to take off in the United States.  His world class, high performing grinders quickly rose to the forefront of superior surface grinding machines. Since then, over 5,000 Arter grinders have been built and many of them are still producing high quality products.


As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of all Arter and Sundstrand-Arter grinders, Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is now the single source for the complete line of new Arter grinders, parts and all service needs of existing customers.  Engineering, design and technical experience paired with extensive historical records on virtually every machine, make Obsidian the perfect home for this sought-after brand.


 Unlike many of the grinders manufactured today that use weldments (welded together sections) as their base, which have a shorter life and are more prone to breakage, Arter grinders utilize molded castings that make them one of the most rigid grinders on the market.


“Arter grinders are synonymous with smooth, concentric surface finishes,” says Sue Nordman, President of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. “Smoothness and accuracy are vital necessities for component parts used in the automotive, aerospace, mining, National defense, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and various other industries.  We are proud to carry on the Arter tradition.”


Today, Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is home to Magna-Lock USA, MagnaLift, Power-Grip, and the recently acquired Arter Precision Grinding Machines (a brand first established in 1916).  Obsidian’s products can be found on various manufacturing floors all over the world for use in a multitude of industries.


Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is located at 2730 Eastrock Drive, in Rockford.  For more information about the Obsidian brands visit or call (815) 962-8700.


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