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Rockford, IL–– (September 17, 2018) Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc., formally Magna-Lock USA, Inc., has a new look, a new name and a bright new face at the helm.  This spring marked big changes for this enduring state-line manufacturing company that services manufacturers, from aerospace to automotive, all over the world.
Magna-Lock USA, Inc. began in 2007 when David Nordman purchased the work-holding product line, which has been around since 1948.  He started his own business with the help of his wife, Sue.
Nordman credits his father-in-law, Don Blachford, for his start in the manufacturing industry.   David began work as a machinist in 1984 at Centro-Metalcut, Inc. (CMI).
Nordman worked his way up through the company, became one of the primary people at CMI to work with the Magna-Lock brand, and eventually purchased it.  Eleven years later, David has returned to his first love–the production floor. While his wife, Sue, brings her talent for business to the front office as President of the Company.  Being a female-led business opens up many opportunities in manufacturing.
“I would occasionally work for my dad (Don Blachford) a day or two in the summer months in high school,” remembers Sue.  “Little did I know at the time I would be sitting where I am now.”
Increasingly, according to Sue, women have been finding jobs in the manufacturing sector. And, for her, this is the life she’s always known– first as a daughter and later working side-by-side her husband.
“We’ve made many exciting changes to the company this past year,” says Sue.  “Magna-Lock USA, Inc. is now Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.– named after the strong, igneous rock that has been used for centuries to make tools.  Like obsidian the rock, our company is strong and enduring. We may have a new look, but we maintain our traditional values.”
Today, Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is home to Magna-Lock USA, MagnaLift, Power-Grip, and the recently acquired Arter Precision Grinding Machines (a brand first established in 1916).  Obsidian’s products can be found on various manufacturing floors all over the world for use in a multitude of industries.
Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is located at 2730 Eastrock Drive, in Rockford.  For more information about the Obsidian brands visit or call (815) 962-8700.
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Sue Nordman
David Nordman

Local Manufacturing Company with Worldwide Reach Makes Big Changes

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