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Local Manufacturing Company Makes Big Move while Acquiring Grinding Equipment



Rockford, IL–– (May 13, 2019) Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce their recent move to 5015 28th Avenue, Rockford, Illinois and acquisition of the grinding equipment of the former tenant of the building, Stieg Grinding Corporation. 


Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is a woman-owned manufacturing company that owns four brands that include workholding and machine tools of Magna-Lock USA, rotary surface grinders of Arter Precision Grinding Machines and lifting magnets of MagnaLift and Power-Grip.  Adding the grinding equipment of Stieg Grinding Corporation will give them the opportunity to service many of their current customers in addition to the Stieg customer base.  “I believe there is a big need for surface grinding, whether it’s precision or rough, in the local area as well as across Northern Illinois and the Midwest.”, said David Nordman, Vice-President of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc.  Furthermore, he indicated, “Our large rotary 84” grinder will help many local companies stay local with their grinding needs.  To my knowledge, that machine has the largest grinding capacity in the Rockford, IL area for grind shops.”


Sue Nordman, President of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc., added to her husband’s comments by saying, “The legacy that the Stieg family has built throughout the 55+ years of grinding for their customers throughout Northern Illinois and the Midwest is a long-standing, honorable one.”  Additionally, she expressed, “Their grinding work has always been top quality with quick turnaround times and competitively priced.  The exceptional service that they provided their customers helped them to build a large customer base that we hope to continue to service well.”


One way of doing that is by Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. retaining Stieg Grinding Corporation’s long-standing employees of Lloyd Phillips and Dan DiMarco.  They bring with them over 50 combined years of service with the Stieg Grinding Corporation and its former customers.  Sue Nordman said, “We are very pleased to have them join our team.  Our employees are our company’s greatest assets and Lloyd and Dan are most definitely included in that statement.  We value the grinding knowledge and experience that they will contribute to our business. “


Obsidian’s products can be found on various manufacturing floors all over the world for use in a multitude of industries.  For more information about the Obsidian brands and grinding services visit or call (815) 962-8700.


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