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Introducing the

Rated Lifting Capacity

14,000 lbs.

Magnet Size

19”  x 25” x 29” height to clevis


700 lbs.

36 Volt DC @ 312 watts


We were tasked with finding a solution for customers that need a wider lift magnet to lift wider material. We found a way to combine two LB-7G lift magnets and bring to you the aptly named


empty gray carpet_edited_edited.jpg

Matching our most popular type of lift magnet, the LB-7Gx2 operates on self-contained automotive type storage batteries resulting in maximum convenience, versatility, and dependability.

A standard unit is completed with a built-in charger for the batteries while not in use. Loading and unloading of machines are made simple and fast with no permanent external power cord. A charger cable is included with purchase.

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